Summertime Photos from Founex, Switzerland

hotos from a staycation!

Not exactly, as these were taken over the course of the summer, and we did travel to other places. But many weekends it's nice to stay home and explore our surroundings a little more.

I've posted photos of Founex and the neighbouring towns before, and collated all the Switzerland photos during this year's
A to Z, but for the sake of completeness, here they are again:
Founex #1
Founex #2
Founex in the snow
Founex #4
Founex in the summer
And then two more posts from after the A to Z cut off:
Winter in Switzerland
February in the valley

Here is this summer's collection:

A new tea shop in the town of Coppet
Looking down on the Dole, the highest peak of the Jura, from the plane
Photos from on the Dole:

Looking towards Geneva on the right, at the end of the lake

Summertime Travels III: Scotland: Culross, Dunfermline, and Edinburgh, plus Outlander! and IWSG Day!


I've already shared a bit of this trip, in my review of the stage performance of Tolkien's Leaf by Niggle. But here are a few other photos!

Starting in the village of Culross, where some scenes set in Cranesmuir in the Outlander world were filmed:

Culross Abbey and the view from the Abbey 
Geddes House, a former schoolhouse turned into residences
The graveyard by the Abbey, directly beside Geddes House I wonder what "3 Lairs" means?